The Choice to Unsubscribe

Some days, I wake before sunrise with my mind and thoughts neat and orderly. Other days, I wake with them being dragged behind a million ponies. 

I’ll be honest. Today? It’s ponies. 

Here’s where I went wrong: signing up to get some free emails that promised to tell me everything I need to know (well, everything about writing). 

May I be the first to say: this was a solid mistake. 

I’m grateful it’s easy to unsubscribe. 

Let me tell you something else you might already know: there’s truly endless competing information out there about every realm of life; “how-to’s” on everything. Everyone has something they know. Everyone has something to teach. Everyone’s an expert. Everyone wants to be an influencer. Or so it seems.

It’s weird. 

Free access to assorted social platforms on which we give and receive information is all at once such a beautiful thing yet it results in A LOT of clamoring voices. Even more noise in an already loud world. 

But here’s a big secret (well, not really) hiding in plain sight—while everyone has experience, not everyone knows what they’re talking about. Yet their voices, stories, and pictures are out there making such claims. 

Here’s the relief: Information is a suggestion (even what you’re reading right now!). To that extent, often it is also just someone’s opinion. Not all information is valuable or accurate information. 

Here’s the freedom: We get to choose what we consume—in every way—and value is relative. We get to take it or leave it.

So, for me? I decided while being dragged behind a million ponies that I choose to be free, to quiet the noise. Sift out information with awareness and insight based on value. Information that is consistent, nutrient-dense, potent, and credible. Unsubscribe to all the rest. 


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