Have You Ever?

Today, I have questions. Well, every day I have questions. Millions of them. But today, they’re for you. I wonder:

Have you ever thought about whether or not you’re living and building a life that you’re happy with?

Or have you considered what is possible? Without editing. Without steadfast hyperrealism (because you can always come back to realism. It’s always there. Waiting…).

And can you consider possibility despite all the reasons ranging from seemingly tiny to massive that might prevent you from doing such a thing?

None of this is to suggest that you must be blissfully beyond stoked every minute of every day. But are you mindful of where you are, where you want to be, and of whether your mind and actions are in agreement?

Have you ever written about, meditated upon, drawn, painted or created your vision? That vision of what a life you really dig looks like?

Can you do it unedited? Without interrupting the dream? Without yielding to the little voice that might like to tell you what it thinks is possible (or impossible)?

Anything we decide to do in life–from making a sandwich to writing a book–takes at least a small sense of clarity. A bit of direction. A first step.

Our minds and imaginations will always be our freedom–our first step. If we want to do anything, our minds need to be on board so then our choices and actions can follow.

Well. I’m curious (so curious). Have you? And If you choose to spend time sketching out what a life you’re stoked about living looks like–will you let me know how it goes?


  1. The society, your friends, your family and YOU eventually kill this “have you ever” question from arising. We keep living our lives hideously without enticing what the heart really wants. Only on our death beds we regret the “I haven’t ever” answer.
    Ask yourself questions keep intriguing yourself, challenging and pushing into the new. Be hungry be foolish. Be mad.
    Thankyou for rising this question. I hope people get a message out of this and retaliate upon what have they ever done where their head n heart meets.

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    1. Thank you, livetheslip…there is such truth in what you’re saying. I’m nearing the middle of life and find that certain long held dreams that I’ve had but not acted on become less possible with time. The “I haven’t ever” answer comes up on our deathbeds and sometimes even sooner. “Be hungry. Be foolish. Be mad.” I love this so much that I wrote it onto a piece of paper and taped it to my mirror. Thank you for taking your time to respond, it means a ton to me!

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