Hi there, I’m Heather Frendo; a San Francisco Bay Area based writer and the woman behind the green curtain of The Steady Hare.

I’m truly happy you’re here. I would write even if no one read it. But the fact that you’re reading my thoughts affirms my existence. If those thoughts are making you feel anything, consider it doubly affirmed.

I’ve wanted to help people, well, maybe always. But I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was 13. It’s a constant in my life and the center of my orbit. I have and will always come back to it and it will continue to tap me on my shoulder like a child until I yield to it and give it the attention it so deserves. It wasn’t until now in my life that I understand just how much my own steady effort, mindset, good values, and accountability factor into making writing my reality.

So welcome to my practice spot. I’m beginning here. And my intention is to see you out in the world soon–all real, live and official in actual print and online publications and sheeitt.

Much love.